Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy (the "Policy") apply to any personal data the sole proprietor "Lvov A.Y" (the "Rights Holder") receives and/or may receive about users/visitors (the "Users") while they are visiting/using, or in connection with their visiting/using, any of the websites, services, subscriptions, computer programs, or other products of the sole proprietor "Lvov A.Y" (the "Services").

1. General Provisions

1.1. The User unconditionally and entirely accepts the terms and conditions of the Policy as soon as he/she starts using the Services. If the User disagrees with the Policy or with any of its terms and conditions, he/she has no right to use the Services. The User understands that the Services are intended for those who have attained legal age to consent to such services according to their local laws. Thus, when starting to use the Services, the User confirms that he/she has 1) attained this legal age in accordance with the laws of the country of which he/she is a national or 2) that the User’s agreement to the Policy is given with the permission and in the presence of the User’s parents or other legal representatives. Unless the User has not expressly agreed to the contrary, the Rights Holder proceeds on the basis that the User has reached the age of majority.

2. Personal data of the User.

2.1. The personal data provided by the User when creating accounts for the use of the Services or while using the Services may include, for example, details he/she sent via the feedback form. The Rights Holder assumes that the Information provided by the User is accurate and up-to-date. Еhe Rights Holder shall not be responsible for any possible consequences of the provision by the User of inaccurate or irrelevant information.

2.2. Personal data transmitted to the Rights Holder while the User is using the Services. Such personal data includes, for example, the User’s IP address. Other information such as cookie data, the contents and configuration of the User’s hardware and software, and information about actions taken while the Services were being used may also be collected.

3. Cookies

3.1. Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored on the User’s computer through the web browser and allow websites, for example, to identify the User’s computer during repeated website visits or to follow the User's activity. Cookies do not contain any personal data and are required for the collection of statistical data. The User understands and accepts that the Rights Holder may use automated third party applications, such as Google Analytics, for example, to evaluate usage of its website and, to the extent permitted, its service. These entities may use cookies and other tracking technologies to perform their services. The Rights Holder does not share the User's personal data with these third parties

3.2. The User understands that it is at the User’s discretion to allow, prohibit, or restrict the use of Cookies. Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. To block cookies, the User needs to adjust the appropriate settings of his/her browser—the software employed by the User to visit websites. The User may also remove previously received Cookies.

3.3. The Rights Holder assumes that by using the Services and being on the Right Holder's website on the Internet, the User agrees to the Right Holder's use of cookies.

4. Purpose of the receiving and processing of personal data by the Rights Holder

4.1. The Rights Holder collects only personal data that is needed to: conclude and execute agreements and contracts with the User, provide consultations, technical support, provide Services to the User, ensure the security of Users and its Services, monitor User compliance with Service usage rules, develop and improve products and Services, collect and summarize statistics, conduct research and communicate and engage in other interactions with the User. For example, if the User contacts the technical support service or contacts via the email, the Rights Holder shall process data provided by the User in the course of such request.

4.2. In addition, the User understands and accepts that information about the composition and configuration of his/her hardware and software configuration will be needed in order for the Rights Holder to pinpoint any technical problems the User has experienced as a result of using the Services and to develop the most effective recommendations for eliminating such problems.

5. Procedure and conditions for the processing of personal data by the Rights Holder

5.1. A prerequisite for the provision of the Services to the User is the collection by the Rights Holder of the User's personal data, as well as their subsequent processing. The User provides the Rights Holder with consent to the collection and processing of personal data on the following conditions.

5.2. The Rights Holder is the operator of personal data. The User's personal data is collected by the Rights Holder in accordance with the legally established principles of personal data processing. In some third-party services, the Rights Holder may not be able to influence the sending of the User's personal data to the owners of such services (for example, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica etc.). The User understands and agrees to send his/her data to the owners of third-party services.

5.3. The Rights Holder, within its competence, takes all necessary and sufficient technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal data are securely processed and to prevent the User's personal data from being available to third parties without the User's consent and from being deleted accidentally or in the result of illegal actions.

5.4. The place of processing of the User's personal data, regardless of the place of residence of the User himself/herself, is the location of the Rights Holder - the Russian Federation. The laws of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data security may differ from the laws of the User's country of residence.

5.5. The Rights Holder will store Users' personal data as long as reasonably necessary and only for as long as required to fulfill the relevant purposes of the processing of their personal data.

5.6. The User has the following rights: to access to his/her personal data being processed, to make a request to rectify his/her personal data which are inaccurate or incomplete, as well as to erase his/her personal data.

5.7. The Rights Holder, upon receipt of such requests, has the right to take appropriate actions and request, from the person (who sent the request), information needed to ascertain that this person is the subject of the personal data requested. This action is intended to protect User's personal data from being disclosed to third parties and to prevent any attempts to get access to personal data of other Users.

5.8. Because personal data statutorily includes data needed for the User technical identification in order to use the Rights Holder's Software and Services, if the User sends a demand to stop processing or to delete his/her personal data, agreements, and contract (and other types of cooperation) concluded with the User shall be terminated the same day the User's personal data is stopped to be processed or deleted in view of User's confirmation of will. Termination of agreements and contracts in view of User's confirmation of will means that the User is not able to use the Rights Holder's Software and Services starting from the date of such termination. This also means that the Rights Holder does not have any responsibilities to compensate the User for the unused period of the agreement, contract, or services.

5.9. The Rights Holder may share the User's personal data with third parties under the following circumstances:

6. Changes to this privacy policy.

6.1. The Rights Holder can change the terms of this Policy unilaterally. The notification of the User on the changes in the terms and conditions of this License in the way and time suitable for the Rights Holder. A new version of the Policy comes into force from the date of its publication, unless otherwise is specified in the relevant publication. The current legislation of the Russian Federation applies to this Policy and the relationship between the Users and the Rights Holder.

7. The Rights Holder's contact information

Sole Proprietor "Lvov A.Y"

16 Ryabinovaya St., Isakovo 143430, Russia