1. The Return and Refund Policy complies with the laws of the Russian Federation regardless of the place of residence of the Buyer. The laws of the Russian Federation in the field of Return and Refund may differ from the laws of the Customer's country of residence. The Russian version of Return and Refund Policy can be found here:

  2. In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, the Buyer has the right to refuse the ordered purchase at any time before receiving it.

  3. Return of the purchase after receipt is not possible.

  4. Generation of a certificate or downloading the full version of the software product is considered as the fact of the purchasing. The information about generating a license certificate and downloading files is stored on the seller's server (website).

  5. In accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Act of the Russian Federation (chapter 2, article 26.1), remote sale excludes the possibility of direct acquaintance of the consumer with the product or a sample of the product. Due to the fact that a demo version is provided to the Buyer for acquaintance with the product free of charge, the sale of the full version of the software on this website does not qualify as a remote method of sale, which provides for the right to return the goods within 7 (seven) days.