License purchasing

To unlock the Testo-GPU version you need to obtain a license. The license is binded to the serial number of the GPU installed on your computer. The license is valid for only one GPU serial number, so in a case of changing your GPU on the computer you will need to obtain a new license. Check out the full License Agreement here

To obtain a license perform the following steps:

  1. Download and install Testo-GPU on the computer with the GPU you want to use the Testo with.
  2. Execute the command testo request_license and follow the instructions
  3. Upload the generated license request file in the form below.
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Price: 80 USD

To complete the license purchase you need to confirm the agreement to the Terms of processing your personal data and refund policy


How long does a license last?

You can use a full license right after the purchase and until to one year after that. A free demo-license is usable after obtaining it from the website and 14 days after that.

I lost my license file. What to do?

Please contact us on using the email you specified when purchasing the license. We will send you a copy of your license file.

What is a demo license?

Free demo-license is designed for you to try Testo-GPU possibilities and also to check that everything works. A demo-license gives you the same functionality as a full license. Demo-license is usable 14 days after obtaining. For each GPU-card only one demo-license could be obtained. We recommend try out the free demo-license before purchasing a full license.

Does a full license guarantee technical support?

At the moment we could give you a Service Level Agreement with technical support included only with a special individual deal. If you want to make an agreement - please contact us on email You may send us your suggestiongs and bug reports on the same email, but we don't guarantee to fix them as soon as possible.

Does a full license work with updated Testo versions?

Yes it does.

Is a refund possible?

There are no refunds for full licenses. We recommend to try out a free demo-license to be sure proprietary Testo-GPU is OK for you.